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At Crawforddyke Primary we are a UNICEF Rights Respecting School Level One. This came after a great deal of hard work from everyone at the school where they have been learning about and using their rights that have been agreed by the United Nations. All these rights are articles contained within the United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child. Click here for more information about UNCRC.

The UNCRC details all the rights children have regardless of where in the world they live. These rights are grouped into 4 categories which all children need to grow into adults; survival, participation, protection and development. For some children these rights are denied. The pupils also learn about the need to respect their own and others' right. All adults in the school help to give the children their rights.

The RRSA recognises that Crawforddyke Primary has incorporated the UNCRC into its planning, policies and practice. Through doing this it encourages children to use their rights to have a say in things that affect them.

By receiving this award and helping to deliver the RRSA message, we are helping to improve well-being and develop every child's talents and abilities to their full potential. A rights respecting school not only teaches children about their rights but also model rights and respect in all its relationships: between teachers/adults and pupils, between adults, and between pupils.


Our rights respecting school is one where we aim to develop:

  • young people who have positive self-esteem by learning about the rights they have from birth and build from there;
  • children who will learn the difference between wants and needs;
  • young people who will learn that rights bring the need to respect theirs and others' rights;
  • everyone ability to use the language of rights, and respect;
  • adults and young people who model rights-respecting behaviour and language;
  • children who become active global citizens;
  • children who gain a powerful voice and use their rights.





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