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All nursery & primary school uniform is available to order via the web, blazer fittings for primary and high school are available via appointment only, bookable on our web page - these appointments will only be available till 30th June.

Last order dates for all uniform is 11th July as after this date we cannot guarantee items will be replenished prior to the schools returning.


Clothing Grants

Anyone who is waiting for this can email us their order over with the Subject - CLOTHING GRANT - we will put this aside for them to collect and pay for as soon as they receive their grant.

Please read 2 important staff announcements in our June 2020 update by clicking here.

Please read a letter from South Lanarkshire Council regarding the model for school return, beginning in August. Find the letter by clicking here

We will send out class letters along with school reports on Thursay and Friday this week. 

Please take some time to read important updates in our School and Nursery Newsletter for June 2020. 


You can also read news and updates from the Parent Council by reading their June 2020 Update. 


We have contacted ALJ in Lanark to discuss the possibility of a P7 Leaver's Hoodie. They are able to do this for us, though they may not be able to have them ready until early July (they will try their best). There is a very tight turn-around for ordering, so please read the following very carefully!

The hoodie will be grey, with the Crawforddyke Logo on the front left. On the back there will be written "Class of 20" with the children's forenames written inside. For those children with the same name, they will have their initial also. I have attached photos for you to see on facebook. The back print will be in royal blue.

In order for this to go ahead, at least 25 hoodies need to be ordered. It is your choice as a parent if you wish to do this. The hoodies will cost £19.50 for a child's size or £24.50 for an adults. However, the school will contribute £5 per hoodie, reducing the cost to £14.50 or £19.50. A size guide is also attached.

If you wish to order a hoodie, you must do so by Wednesday next week. No late orders will be accepted.

You can order a hoodie by calling ALJ in Lanark on 01555 665715. Payment must be made on the same day, by bank transfer. The details for this are below:

Reference - Name/CRAWFD LEAVERS

Sort Code - 83-16-28

Account No - 00152612

We will ask for hoodies to be delivered to us (or we will collect from the store). If they arrive before Friday 26th June, you will be able to collect from the school. If after this, we will arrange distribution from the Hub at St. Aths.

Please note, we will also be providing your P7 with their tie for CHS and we will let you know when/how this will be distributed before the end of term.

As not everyone is on facebook, please feel free to share this as far and wide as you can. We will also add it to our App and website.

We will check in with ALJ each day next week to ensure enough orders are made for the order to go ahead.

Please take time to read the following documents, giving you the most up-to-date news and information as we have it.


May Update Newsletter

Important Letter following the FM Announcement on Thursday 21st May

P5 Parent Letter regarding Lockerbie Manor 2021

For an update on learning at home using Google Classroom, please read this short parent update by clicking here.

Please take time to enjoy our May 2020 newsletter by clicking here

If you are having difficulty getting into google classroom on your laptop, phone, computer or tablet it may be due to an existing google profile already set up! This is easy to fix - just follow the guidelines attached (apologies in advance for the typo!) 


Creating/Adding a new Gogle Profile 


PS - You should never need the class code - if you are being asked for this, this would be the most likely reason!

A very simple guide to uploading work on Google Classroom, whether a photo, file or google slide. Just click here!

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